Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions the ZOK of the 5th of June 2022


  1. All members of a team agree to these terms and conditions when they complete the registration.
  2. Every volunteer must follow the instructions of the ZOK committee in every situation.
  3. A team participating in ZOK 2022 consists of 2 people who at the time of participation are still students with at least minimal sailing experience to sail a race in the optimist.
  4. Every participant must follow the instructions of the ZOK committee in every situation. The ZOK committee reserves the right to prohibit participants from entering the water whenever there is reason to do so.
  5. No alcohol should be consumed before the end of the last match unless the ZOK committee determines otherwise.
  6. After the races, the participants are no longer allowed to use the boats.
  7. The costs for participating in ZOK 2022 are €30,- per person, this is €30,- per team. The registration is final upon receipt of the total registration fee to the account of the "WSZV Aqua" in Wageningen,  NL03 INGB 0001234776, with the description “ZOK 2020” and the team name. This registration fee must be transferred to the aforementioned account no later than June 1st 2022.
  8. After payment of the participation fee, a participating team is not entitled to a (partial) refund of the participation fee. When matches can not go on due to weather or other influences the ZOK committee has no influence on, a refund will also not be given. 
  9. The ZOK commission 2022 is in no way liable for any damage to boats and/or persons on board.
  10. Each participating team must ensure that equipment and crew are properly insured and are themselves financially responsible for any damage sustained to boats, persons on board and/or damage on the WSV Viking site during the period indicated at number 12.
  11. Competition rules according to the NoR will be applied, any changes will be notified before the competition.
  12. Participants fall under the responsibility of the ZOK committee from 9 a.m. on Sunday the 5th of June 2022 to 8 p.m. on Sunday 5th of June 2022.
  13. The ZOK committee provides one lunch, one evening meal and three drinks per participant. Other consumptions are for your own costs.
  14. All participants and volunteers must comply with the rules that WSV Viking has set in the field at WSV Viking.
  15. Any pictures or videos made during the time indicated under number 12 can be used on the ZOK Facebook page and/or the ZOK website

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Het ZOK 2022 is organised by:

Wageningse Studenten Zeil Vereniging AQUA