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Hello everybody!

This is an informational message from your ZOKCie! The ZOK is an informal competition that runs each year, organised by the group that won it last. This year, it is being organised by us - MSZV Lagakari! From the steep mountains of Maastricht, we will travel on sunday May 6th to meet you all at this years venue, WSV De Viking at Den Bosch.

Here, we will serve you food and drinks (coffee/tea, lunch, dinner, alcohol, more alcohol), and hold races in optimists to determine one overall winner.

Optimists have previously been described as “Bathtubs with sails”- they are easy to sail, “impossible” to drown in and most importantly a lot of fun. We expect the weather to be a tropical 18℃, and that the whole day will be a light hearted competition.

The cost for all of this, including food, boat hire, and alcohol is only €26.75 per person.


Whilst there is one per boat, you sail in a team of two, so find yourself a friend. You and your teammate sign up together after agreeing on a team name and once you have thought about our dress code for this year, Black tie! (To be interpreted how you wish- a black sock tied round your neck, or a black tie flying from the mast counts if you’re feeling low effort.)

If you have any questions, see our facebook page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Het ZOK 2018 is made possible by:


MUSST Sportraad 

Maastricht University


Het ZOK 2018 is organised by:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mszv lagakari

Maastrichtse Studenten Zeil Vereniging Lagakari


Sponsored by:

Orgaworld - Asia